10 Tote Bags


Tote Bags

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or accessories, go green with one of these fashionable tote bags!

{1} Urban Outfitters Junk Food Rockin’ Tote Bag, $24 {2} Mollusk Surf Shop Hex Rosette Tote, $25 {3} Me&Emee Cotton Canvas Tote with Leather Handles, $63 {4} Forever 21 Heart Shopper’s Tote, $1.50 {5} Oeuf be good Maptote Beach Tote, $37 {6} Etsy HandmadeandCraft Canvas Tote Bag, $14.99 {7} Oh Leander Le Tote Bag (Large), $25 {8} ModCloth Bookshelf Bandit Tote in Jane, $17.99 {9} Society 6 Perfect Pink Cupcake LOVE, $18 {10} Madewell Illustrated Stateside Tote, $5


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