10 Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids


Will you be my bridesmaid?

Recently, my Facebook News Feed has been flooded with engagements. So, I decided to put my wedding knowledge from Get Married to use for the sake of all my FB friends, and round up ten cute ways to ask your bridesmaids. Bonus: Each item is from Etsy, so you can purchase and customize them with a few clicks of the mouse!

{1} BriguysGirls, $28 {2} LEsperanceDesign, $7 {3} ChoosingYou, $96 (set of 8) {4} PrestonEventPlanning, $9.99 {5} WaterfallDesigns, $96 (set of 8) {6} iCustomWater, $5 {7} peapodscookies, $36 (for 8) {8} ShyLilyandDakota, $40 (set of 3) {9} Lauerland, $14 (set of 5) {10} PamelaFugateDesigns, $12.95


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