10 Mint Green Clothing Items for Spring 2013


Mint Green Clothing

Mint green was one of my favorite color trends in Spring 2012, and I can’t wait to wear it again during Spring 2013! Pick up a few of these must-have items on your next shopping spree.

{1} Forever 21 Life In Progress™ Zip Pocket Colored Skinny Jeans, $24.80 {2} Red Dress Boutique Heart Breaker Shorts, $36 {3} Banana Republic Leather Skinny Bracelet, $25 {4} ASOS Krystal Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings, $25.43 {5} J. Crew Collection Cashmere Raglan Sweater in Stripe, $238 {6} Target Women’s Strapless Wrap-Front Chiffon Maxi Dress, $69.99 {7} ModCloth Mint to Be Scarf, $17.99 {8} Francesca’s Old Rhodes Striped Tank, $34 {9} TOMS Mint Glitters, $42 {10} ModCloth Filled with Merri-mint Dress, $49.99


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