10 Bridal Shower Games


Bridal Shower

From traditional to zany, your guests are guaranteed a good time (and a few laughs) with these fun activities!

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress: Divide your shower guests into teams of four and tell each team to choose a “bride.” Give the teams 20 minutes and two to three rolls of toilet paper to create a wedding dress for their bride. At the end of the allotted time, let everyone vote for the best wedding dress and give the winners a small prize!

2. Purse Scavenger Hunt: Provide each guest with a list of items to be found in their purse. Each item should be assigned a certain number of points based on how likely it is to be found. For example, lipgloss may be worth 20 points while a flashlight is worth 60! Have first, second and third place prizes for guests who earn the most points!

3. Bridal Bingo: First, fill out a bingo card with things the bride likes (such as her college, favorite color, her favorite vacation spot, etc…). Like traditional bingo, each card should be slightly different, but have some squares in common with each of the others. Write down each item on a separate slip of paper, fold the papers and put them in a bag or bowl. Have the bride select one piece of paper at a time and read aloud so that guests may mark their card. Be sure to have prizes for the first two or three guests who get five in a row!

4. The Clothespin Game: Choose a buzz word such as “bride,” “groom” or “wedding.” When each person gets to the party, hand them 5 miniature clothespins. Then, if someone hears a person say the buzz word, they get to steal that person’s clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins!

5. Famous Couples: This game is a great ice breaker! Before the party, make a list of famous romantic couples, both fictional and real (Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Romeo and Juliet, Brad and Angelina, etc…). Write each name down on a slip of paper and hand a slip to each guest as they arrive. Their task is to go around the party and ask yes or no questions about each other’s “secret identity.” (Example: “Are you a fictional character?”) Then, they have to find their “better half”. The game ends when everyone has found their partner! Be sure to award a prize to the first couple to do so!

6. How Old Was She?: Get pictures of the bride at every age and use them to decorate a bulletin board. Give the guests sheets of paper and a pen and as they mingle and eat they can guess what age she was in each picture. Give a prize to the person who gets the most correct!

7. How Well Do You Know the Bride?: Start off this game by asking the bride to leave the room, standing just out of sight but within hearing distance. Give each guest a sheet of paper and pen and ask questions about what she was wearing (color of her shirt, hair up or down, etc…) then move on to harder questions such as how the bride and groom met and the bride’s favorite color. When you’ve run through all the questions, bring the bride back in the room and have her read the correct answers. Whoever gets the most correct wins!

8. The Wedding Night: As the bride unwraps her gifts, quietly write down everything she says, such as “Oh, this is pretty” and “Where does this go?” When she has finished opening presents announce, “This is what the bride will say on her wedding night” and read the list out loud! This game can be particularly fun at a lingerie shower!

9. My Favorite Memory: Include a printed card that says, “Please write your favorite memory of the bride or groom” with the shower invitation. While the bride is opening her presents, have each guest stand and read the card she brought. This activity is particularly nice as guests tend to get bored during this part of the party. Be sure to purchase a photo album to collect the memories!

10. Price is Right: Purchase five to ten household items before the shower (toilet paper, cleaning products, cereal, etc…). and place them on a table at the front of the room. Call up three contestants for each item and have them guess the price. The guest who guesses closest to the true price without going over is given a small prize!


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