10 Must-Have Items for Bacon Lovers

Photo Credit: Taylor Henning

Photo Credit: Taylor Henning

Today, as I was making my Sunday breakfast of bacon and eggs (but mostly bacon), I was inspired to round up a group of products for all the other bacon lovers out there. These items are sure to put you in hog heaven!

{1} Zazzle BaCoN Ornament, $14.95 {2} Perpetual Kid Bacon Wrapping Paper, $3.49 {3} Overstock.com Attitude Aprons ‘Never Fry Bacon’ Apron, $20.79 {4} UncommonGoods Glass Bacon and Egg Earrings, $35.00 {5} Urban Outfitters Bacon Sock, $8 {6} ThinkGeek Bacon Lip Balm, $3.99 {7} Bakon Vodka {8} Sur La Table Vosges Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, $13.95 {9} Anthropologie First Eats Dishtowel, Eggs & Bacon, $34 {10} FredFlare Wacky Bandages, $7


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