10 Bridal Shower Themes

Photo Credit: Paper Source, Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation

Photo Credit: Paper Source, Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation

If you’re a maid of honor or bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, you’re probably starting to plan a bridal shower (*insert minor panic attack). Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with ten bridal shower themes that are sure to have your guests raving!

1. Couples Shower – Forget the “women only” tradition and shower both the bride and groom with gifts and good wishes! Host a backyard barbeque, Mexican fiesta or have a “stock the bar” theme. What about entertainment? Create a dance floor and play some good tunes! For a more traditional party, have the guests of honor participate in a bride and groom challenge to see how well they really know each other!

2. Spa Shower – Relax and unwind by bringing the guests to a local spa or having aestheticians come to you! From facials and massages to a yoga class and healthful lunch, a spa theme is sure to create a day of unforgettable pampering and fun!

3. Tea Party – A traditional daytime tea party can be a lot of fun for the bride and guests (AND it’s an easy DIY project!). Try using tea bags with handwritten, accordion-pleated messages as invites and tea tins with floral arrangements as table centerpieces. Serve finger sandwiches, Waldorf salad and cookies for lunch and send guests home with a bundle of the bride’s favorite tea!

4. Stock the Kitchen – Help the bride stock her kitchen with this fabulous bridal shower theme! Include a recipe card with the invitations and have guests mail them to you with their RSVPs. Collect them in a recipe box for a unique and special gift for the bride. Hire a chef to teach a cooking class as entertainment rather than playing traditional bridal shower games. Ask guests to sign white dishes with metallic markers for a one-of-a-kind guest book.

5. Lingerie Shower – This popular bridal shower theme should be used for more intimate groups of friends. Use lingerie-shaped cookie cutters for fun desserts and send your guests home with lingerie laundry bags or drawer sachets!

6. Wine and Cheese Tasting – Excite your guests’ palates with a wine and cheese tasting theme. If you don’t live close to a winery, you can plan the party yourself by selecting 3 red wines, 3 white wines and 1 dessert wine for your guests to sample. Create a tasting card that includes the type of wine, the vineyard, the year and a brief description of the wine (all of which can typically be found on the label). Have an accompanying cheese for each bottle, and make sure guests have a way to cleanse their palates between samples! Send guests home with a cute wine stopper or mini bottle of wine!

7. Travel Shower – Help the bride and groom prepare for their honeymoon with this bridal shower theme. Invite guests using postcards that feature the honeymoon destination, serve food indigenous to that location and use luggage tags as place cards! Guests should bring gifts the couple can use on their honeymoon, including gift certificates for a restaurant or massages. Passport covers will make unique bridal shower favors!

8. Monograms and Mimosas – This fun theme lends itself to a brunch, so think French toast, smoked salmon and roasted potatoes! Obviously a mimosa bar is a MUST! In addition to champagne and orange juice, include a few fun options such as peach nectar, strawberries and orange slices. Be sure to include the bride’s new monogram everywhere you can in the shower décor – napkins, menus, coasters, etc… Guests should bring monogrammed gifts such as an apron, tote bag, bathrobe, wine glasses or stationary. Try baking monogrammed cookies as a favor!

9. Garden Party – Throwing a shower for a bride who has a green thumb? Then she’ll love a garden-themed bridal shower! Send out seed packet invitations to guests and send them home with floral arrangements that can double as table centerpieces during the party! Looking to serve a unique dessert? Everyone loves dirt cups (made from pudding, crushed cookie “dirt,” and an edible flower)!

10. Bed and Bath – Add some luxury to your bride’s bedroom and bathroom with this themed shower! Give the shower a “breakfast in bed” feel with brunch food such as whole wheat waffles and fresh fruit. Guests should bring bed and bath gifts from the bride and groom’s registry. Use bath soaps or salts as bridal shower favors!


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