Must-Have Monday: Yevgenia Hand-Painted Collectibles


Gold Painted Champagne Flutes, $55.00

This week’s Must-Have Monday features hand-painted collectibles from Yevgenia. Whether you’re looking for champagne toasting flutes for your wedding day or a unique present for your bridesmaids, Yevgenia has it all! I’m especially loving the gold painted champagne flutes pictured above. The drawing is done in gold paste, creating an embossed look and feel and giving the glasses a nice grip. The lavender design wraps around the glass and continues down the stem where it flares out again at the base.

Hand-Painted Ceramic Travel Mug, $45.00

Looking for a unique gift for your bridesmaids? Check out the hand-painted ceramic travel mug pictured above! An eco-friendly alternative to sipping coffee or tea on the go, this reusable, double-walled matte ceramic cup with a sturdy silicon lid is painted with delicate baby’s breath flowers. Other designs include cyclamen, thistles, anemonies and more!

Yevgenia Davidoff is originally from Moscow, Russia. She worked in web and graphic design for approximately 14 years before discovering her love for painting nature. She now lives with her husband and in Brooklyn, New York. Visit her website to shop her amazing collections!


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