Top 10 SweetJack 365’s of 2012


As social media manager at SweetJack, one of my main objectives is to create viral content that our fans will love and share with their friends. Part of this viral content is the 365 Days of Jack project. Each day I share a meme on the SweetJack Facebook and Pinterest pages that was created based on a large calendar of national and food holidays, historical events, SweetJack happenings and more. Here are the top 10 shared 365’s of 2012.

1. Day 110: 206 Shares on Facebook

Homeless Animals Day

2. Day 234: 137 Shares on Facebook
National Sangria Day
3. Day 105: 135 Shares on Facebook
Left-Handers' Day
4. Day 142: 119 Shares on Facebook
Talk Like a Pirate Day
5. Day 216: 79 Shares on Facebook
National Mutt Day
6. Day 195: 79 Shares on Facebook
Veterans Day
7. Day 197: 75 Shares on Facebook
World Kindness Day
8. Day 222: 74 Shares on Facebook
National Brownie Day
9. Day 221: 74 Shares on Facebook
Attack on Pearl Harbor
10. Day 178: 73 Shares on Facebook

International Artists Day


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