What to Include in Your Destination Wedding Welcome Bag

Navy & Lavender Wedding Wishes Gable Box, $24

Navy & Lavender Wedding Wishes Gable Box, $24

After a long day of traveling to your destination wedding site, it’s nice to make your guests feel welcome with some pre-wedding goodies. Welcome baskets are a great way to make your guests feel right at home and help set the tone for the weekend! Need a little help figuring out what to include? Here are a few of my suggestions!

1. Welcome Letter – Write a short but sweet note to each of your guests thanking them for making the trip and letting them know how happy you are to have them joining you. If you have a lot of guests to welcome, you may want to type and print the letters on cute stationary as a time saver, but be sure to sign each one for a personal touch.

2. Itinerary – Include a schedule of the weekend’s events, noting time, location, dress code and any other important information. Be sure to list any optional activities, such as tours, lessons, excursions and so forth (snorkeling with the bride and groom is always fun for guests!) and mention any extra costs for each activity.

3. Local Area Information – Encourage your guests to leave the resort area and experience a little local culture by providing them with a map of the area, local transportation information, local restaurant recommendations (include pricing!) and an entertainment guide. Consider getting the maps from the resort so that you know they are reliable (you don’t want any of your guests getting lost in a foreign city!).

4. Thematic Snacks – Food and drink is always a great gift (who doesn’t appreciate a snack after a long flight?)! Add a little flair to your welcome basket with some items that are reflective of your wedding location. Headed to Key West for the big day? Welcome your guests with some key lime cookies! If you’re in a region known for wine, include a bottle for a celebratory drink (you’re not the only ones on vacation here).

5. Vacation Essentials – Be sure to include a few things that your guests will need while enjoying their vacation – sunscreen, bottled water, bug spray, etc… You may even want to use a beach bag as the welcome bag so guests have an easy way of toting their belongings down to the ocean or pool!


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