Top 10 Wardrobe Staples


I like a plethora of options when it comes to my wardrobe (among other things). I have an extensive collection of shoes, dresses, skirts and tops. Some might even say I shop a little too much, but you know what? I ALWAYS look good when I leave the house ;-). That being said, I do believe that there are ten essential items every woman must have in their wardrobe. I completed my list today when I found the most adorable pair of classic black pumps at Ann Taylor this evening! AND they were 50% off – score! My list of top 10 wardrobe essentials is as follows:

1. Little Black Dress – The little black dress is like a blank canvas. You can change your entire look just by adding different accessories. It is perfect to wear for all occasions, from formal events to clubbing with your friends.
2. Neutral Cardigan – I LOVE cardigans! They’re great to throw over sleeveless dresses for the office or with a pair of jeans to run errands.
3. White Button-Down – Look sophisticated for work or interviews, or throw it on with a pair of jeans for a more casual look.
4. Blazer – This is an easy way to dress up any outfit. Pair it with slacks for the office, or with jeans and heels for a night out.
5. Dark Jeans – I prefer skinnies, but that is totally up to you!
6. V-neck t-shirt – Self-explanatory. Whether you wear it with jeans or with sweatpants, it will be the most comfortable thing you own.
7. Black Pump – Again, the black pump is perfect for work with slacks or a dress, and you can wear them on a night out!
8. The perfect bra – Everyone needs a bulgeless, seamless bra!
9. Sunglasses that flatter your face – Classic Ray-Bans tend to flatter all face shapes and hairstyles.
10. Watch – Nothing says “I’ve got it together” more than a classic watch.

What wardrobe staples can you not live without?


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